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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A little blood, a greenhouse, and baby bunnies

The drill-bit bit back.  To any normal person who runs a drill bit into their finger this isn't much cause for concern.  To someone who is on blood thinners for the immediate future, I had to stop in the middle of my project - go inside, clean the wound and care for it properly.  For many years I have dappled a little blood on most of my carpentry projects.  It is inevitable as I am clumsy or I am using salvaged materials.  But when you are on blood thinners, if you don't immediate take care of the wound, it could spell bad things. 

Finger mended, it was back outside to finish the door for the greenhouse and laying the landscape cloth under the tables.  Now it is ready for seeds and plants.  With any luck I will not be working any overtime at my off farm job and I will be able to spend at least two hours in the greenhouse catching up on all the seeds which should have been started over a month ago.  My step-children are chomping at the bit to use the materials from the old greenhouse to make a fort.  They were disappointed to learn that we are going to use it in addition to the new greenhouse.  They decided to use the pine tree at the edge of the garden as the start of their new construction.

Into the garage we went to install the waste diverters on the racks which hold the rabbit cages.  Salvaged fiberglass roofing is cut and installed at an angle between the cages.  Urine and feces are diverted into neater piles at the backs of the racks.  This installation was my step-daughter's first instruction in the use of a drill, cordless or otherwise.  She was excited to be able to help and to see the fruits of her labor.  It took a little longer than anticipated, but it was valuable instruction for an 11 year old. 

Once completed we turned our attention to the rabbits who were scheduled to go to the processor.  We decided to keep a few more does to even out the breeding schedule and ensure an adequate cash flow to maintain the rabbits and a little extra for the other expenses of the farm.  For them we needed another rack and two more cages.  My step-daughter helped with the rack as well, but much like the battery in the drill her energy level was significantly depleted by the end of the day.

After all of our hard work yesterday, we were greeted this morning by the first bunnies to be born on the farm.  As far as I can tell there are at least six of them.  The adventure continues...

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