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Friday, June 15, 2012

Sun, rain, and fireflies

Tuesday started out beautiful, sunny and warm; however, the weather man promised afternoon and evening rain and thunderstorms.  As I prepared for farmers market with fresh breads and pies, I thought that the meteorologists had to have been mistaken.  As three o'clock rolled around so did the clouds and as we were traveling the eleven miles from the farm to the market, rain drops appeared on the windshield. 

Just as the canopy was erected, the heavens opened and it rained consistently for the next several hours.  The rain chased away many, but there were still the hardy few who came to vend and visit; I think each vendor went home with a sale.  We aren't sure what happened to the band which was scheduled to play in the gazebo as we never saw them before we left close to 7:00 p.m.  A few stores which remained open at that hour received our cash for some of their wares and we arrived home around just before 8:00 p.m.  Little man was changed into pajamas, fed a little more supper as what we fed him while at the market didn't seem to satisfy his appetite, given a bottle and settled in for the evening.  Our dinner was started and a few phone calls received and returned.  Dinner completed, we went outside to complete our farm chores.  

Rabbits were fed and watered, chickens were checked for feed and water and put away for the evening, and eggs were collected.  The greenhouse was watered and closed up for the evening.  Finally, as the rain started to lighten, I took a bucket full of pig feed and some fresh water over to the piggles.  Scratches behind the ears were welcomed and squeals of delight were returned as leftover cookie dough and some pastry dough was mixed with their evening rations.

I walked back to the house and stopped to listen to the raindrops and the contented munching of pig and rabbit alike.  The rain had lightened just enough so as I looked out over the farm, lightning bugs had come out to play.  The entire hill above the driveway and alongside the Christmas trees sparkled with their lights.  It was a lovely end to a bit of a hectic day.

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