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Sunday, February 19, 2012

who needs sleep anyway?

Beautiful sunshine is melting more of what little snow we have left on the farm while passing clouds tease us with a light flurry which sparkles in the sun as it blows around.  Sitting in the kitchen feeding my little one this morning thoughts of all the projects I could be working on swirl through my head.  The page on the notepad on the table next to the big chair is just about full, but I haven't turned the page yet for fear that I will get overwhelmed or discouraged and not get anything accomplished today.  Learning to squeeze in projects between feedings, play time, and diaper changes is taking a little getting used to.  He doesn't care that I have plans to expand the greenhouse, repair the roof on the chicken coop, build new trellises for the cucumbers and tomatoes, or a shed to house the straw and hay; he just knows that Mommy is there when he cries to comfort, feed and change him.  I am not complaining, mind you; I wouldn't trade him for absolutely anything.

This week I was able to find time for saving three packages of seeds including one that my grandfather used to grow and which has become one of my favorites - tithonia or Mexican sunflower.  Lack of the properly sized metal drill bit brought the portable greenhouse project to a standstill.  Fiberglass roofing was acquired from the great couple on freecycle for the shed, although actual construction not yet begun.  The pile of salvaged pallet wood is growing daily as DH works on them between collecting maple sap and cleaning out the garage.  Windows for the outdoor greenhouse expansion have been collected and are awaiting my layout and measurement so framing can begin.

There are days when I wonder why I push myself so hard.  I think about the people who enjoy the their leisurely weekends camping or picnicking or out on the boat, content with a 40 hour work week and 48 hour weekends.  Then there is me/us (I wouldn't be able to do what we have done so far without the love and support of my DH).  It used to be eight hour days at my 'real job,' four to six hours on the farm, a couple of hours of sleep and maybe an hour or so spent planning what I would do when I got home from work tomorrow.  That timing will change some with the new baby.  What won't change is every extra cent going toward farm equipment, supplies or maintenance.  Sleep will continue to be traded for just one more hour split between time with my son and working on repairs to the chicken coop.  Muscles will be sore from hand chopping wood for boiling sap because the money that we will spend on the evaporator pan will return its investment faster than a wood splitter this year.  Vacations are traded for a used bush hog and the next 1,000 Christmas tree seedlings.  Vacation time from work is used to plant them.

Every item on that to-do list fuels the dream of making our existence on the farm.  Having just enough for food on the table, a roof over our heads, a fire in the wood stove and perhaps just a little extra for college or a vacation every five years.  Knowing that each seed saved is one less that has to be purchased.  Each building built with salvaged materials is one less day worked off of the farm.  One baby step at a time - who needs sleep anyways?

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  1. Dont know how you do it,amazing! How long is maple sugaring season?(dont even know if thats the right term) and how do I get some of that syrup!!