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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So many projects, so little time

Do you ever get the feeling that when you start one project that you end up doing six others before you start the project you had planned on doing first?  That seems to happen all the time here at the farm.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Farm is Still Here!

Spring flooding and torrential rains haven’t washed us away.  A drier than usual summer hasn’t managed to blow us away.  Even hurricane Irene didn’t manage to budge this small farm from its foundation.  So, then why haven’t we heard from Jen?

April was progressing really well, even though mechanical troubles with the van and tractor slowed our progress.  Several projects had at least gotten started and we managed to hatch 17 of 33 eggs in the incubator.  Even my passion for cooking was alive and well.  All that, however, changed during the third week of April.  Perhaps it was a spring cold, perhaps it was a stomach virus, perhaps I was just plain over tired…


Several expletives later I emerged from the bathroom with a thorough understanding of the causation of my recent medical issues.  Doctors appointments were made, ultrasounds completed and all the while the spring projects continued at the farm – and then Jen slept.

Christmas trees arrived – DH dug holes and planted several hundred trees a day.  Jen planted 100 then went and slept.

In mid-May the brooder box for the new baby chickens was built – then Jen slept.  DH moved the babies into their new home and subsequently out to their chicken tractor.  In September they joined our regular flock of layers in the chicken coop.

All of the transplants were ready in the greenhouse in early June – Jen didn’t even try to plant them in the garden; she came home from her regular job and slept.  DH started the garden and did his best throughout the summer to keep it producing. 

They say the second trimester is always better – something to look forward to! 

The fourth week into the second trimester Jen went to the emergency room - thankfully nothing was wrong with the baby!  Jen, on the other hand, was relegated to bed rest just 16 weeks into the pregnancy.

DH has been doing everything he can to keep up with the farm while taking care of me.  I can help with small household tasks like laundry and dishes but the lion’s share of the chores have fallen on his shoulders.  The baby is doing well despite its mother’s difficulty and the farm continues to produce despite the lack of attention.

Thanks for hanging around for this first year of blogging – it should get much more interesting with the new addition to the family!!!  So far he is scheduled to arrive just before Christmas.